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EGU Training School on "Geoheritage management: conservation, promotion and monitoring"
24-28 September 2018 | University of Minho, Braga (Portugal) | More information
The main objective of the training school is to present and discuss the geoheritage management topic, namely the conservation, promotion and monitoring of geosites and geodiversity sites.
The training school is addressed to early career scientists (35 years old or younger) and undergraduate or postgraduate students worldwide involved with any topic related to geoheritage and aiming to know more about these subjects.
2nd Alqueva Summer School on Atmospheric and Inland Water Sceinces, 19-21 June, 2018
The summer school covers a range of advanced topics in atmosphere and inland water sciences, it is directed to young scientists and graduate students in Earth and Environmental Sciences, Physics or Engineering, who wish to deepen their knowledge in atmospheric and water sciences and the interactions between lake /reservoirs and the climate.
The School includes a 3 days intensive training period with courses by a set of international lecturers and the participation in meteorological and limnological field campaign activities.
Registration and information. PDF flyer.
ICT Workshop 2018 (28-29/May/2018)
ICT event to promote the sharing of the results of the recently produced research, as well as new research opportunities to be developed in the ICT. The workshop is aimed at ICT members and students and will take place at UPorto.
1st Circular | 2nd Circular | Programme | Book of abstracts
ICT students receive Young Researcher Award
Helena Moura (UPorto) and Noel Moreira (UEvora) won the Young Researcher Prize, awarded at the XIV Congress of Geochemistry of Portuguese Speaking Countries, held on 25-29 March 2018 at UTAD. This award was sponsored by the Millenium Foundation bcp and was awarded to the best written / oral communication presented during this congress by researchers under the age of 35.
5th Earth System Summer School - “Interactions between large and small scales”
The interactions between the different Earth System components (atmosphere, land, ocean, solid earth, tectonics) are crucial to understand past, present, and future processes of Global Change. Several of these interactions are associated with feedbacks which often lead to an intensification of effects, some of which have serious impacts on our society (e.g. flash floods and extreme fires).
The summer school will focus on a range of processes operating at time-scales from hours to millenniums. Explored themes will include atmospheric convection, land-atmosphere coupling, coastal interaction, plate boundary dynamics, island evolution, high-impact events, and the way these can evolve on a changing earth system. More information
Ana Teodoro (ICT) is the editor of a new book
This 2018 book is a compilation of reviews that give an overview of the latest advances in Geographic Information System (GIS) technology. The multidisciplinary nature of the book gives readers perspectives in research fields as diverse as forest management, land use and cover, tourism, environment impact assessment, climate change studies, biodiversity and health care and mobility studies.
New book with edition by José Brilha (ICT) and Emmanuel Reynard (Univ. of Lausanne, Switzerland)
For the last 20 years there has been a growing interest in the geosciences for topics related to geoheritage: geoconservation, geotourism and geoparks. This 2018 book is the first and only reference book to cover these main topics as well as the relationship of geoheritage to other subjects such as landscapes, conservation, and tourism. The book also includes methodologies for assessment, mapping, and visualisation, along with case studies and colour images of some of the most important global geosites. This book is an essential resource for geoscientists, park and geopark managers, tourism and regional planning managers, as well as university students.
Clara Vasconcelos (ICT) is the editor of a Springer book
This book presents research in Geoscience Education focusing on indoor and outdoor environments in which teaching geoscience gains particular relevance, significance and contextualization. The research areas that are presented throughout the thirteen chapters cover a wide variety of subjects ranging from educational resources and fieldwork to science models. Chapters discuss specific geoscience topics such as earthquakes, rocks, fossils and minerals. Other chapters present a more interdisciplinary approach addressing topics, such as geomedicine and geoethics, with a specific focus on sustainable development and their alignment with the school curricula.
ICT participates in the Polar Programme
For the 7th time, Portugal contributes to the scientific logistics in Antarctica by chartering an aircraft that will transport scientists and technicians between Punta Arenas in Chile and the Aeronautical Teniente Marsh on the island of King George, Antarctica. The mission will take place on 31 January and will be the anchor of the Portuguese Antarctic Campaign 2017-18, which will run until March in conjunction with several partner countries.
The round-trip flights coordinated by PROPOLAR will bring 4 Portuguese researchers to Antarctica, and will also transport 101 researchers from the Bulgarian, Chinese, Spanish and South Korean programs. António Correia (ICT) participates in this mission.
ICT member elected to IUGS working group
António Correia (UEvora) was elected Vice-Chairman of the "Task Group on Geohazards" of the International Union of Geological Sciences (IUGS). This working group functions as a large-scale exchange group, primarily with the societal objectives of contributing to the basic understanding of geo-risks and natural disasters, including to improve governance processes, do research and societal education, and support inclusion of the so-called geo-risks in policies to finally prevent and mitigate natural disasters. The work should focus on the impacts of geological hazards on society.
Student receives an Award
Ana Marta Gonçalves from the University of Porto received the award of Best Presentation in the 11th Iberian Congress and 12th Spanish Congress of Geochemistry, held during 25 - 28 September 2017 in Andaluzia, Spain.

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7th Congress - Young Researchers on Geosciences
25-26 november 2017 - Comunications
27-28 november 2017 - Field trip / Workshops

Estremoz, Portugal
ICT Workshop 2017 (26-27/June/2017)
ICT event to promote the sharing of the results of the recently produced research, as well as new research opportunities to be developed in the ICT. The workshop is aimed at ICT members and students and will take place at UMinho (Braga).

1st circular | 2nd circular | 3rd circular | Book of abstracts (in Portuguese) | Photos
Évora: a new peak for the air temperature registered in June
The ICT weather station has registered 44.5°C on 17/june/2017.

Rádio Diana, 22/June/2017
Iberdrola dam will flood potential lithium reserve
ICT researchers from the University of Porto point to the lack of strategic planning of the national territory and to gaps in the environmental impact studies.

Público, 11/June/2017 - PDF
Map of the past earthquakes in Portugal clarifies future risks
ICT researchers from the University of Évora analyzed data on seismic activity in Portugal from 1300 to 2014. The map shows 175 earthquakes in this period and clearly defines the areas of greatest risk in the future. The map of maximum seismic intensities observed highlights the region of Lisbon and its surroundings, the north of the Alentejo coast and the Algarve as the most sensitive areas.

Público, 31/January/2017 - PDF
Workshop on Earth Sciences 2016 (8-10/Dec/2016)
The range of ICT research areas made a group of young scientists feel the need to organize a 2-day open event that would thoroughly reach their colleagues in the country and allow them to share the results they have gotten in their master's, PhD's, post-doctorate's and research fellow's work.

Info and registration
Award for ICT member
The Lisbon Academy of Sciences awarded the first Montepio Prize (Higher Education) which is designed to reward excellence in scientific research carried out within the PhD dissertations in Portuguese universities in the academic years 2012/2013 and 2013/2014, in the area of Exact and Natural Sciences:

Paula Alexandra Sá da Silva Gonçalves, Faculty of Science, University of Porto, with a thesis entitled "Characterization of organic facies and identification of potencial source rocks in in Jurassic sedimentary sequences of the Lusitanian basin".

Award for PhD student supervised by a ICT member
The PhD student Lia Duarte won the Innovation Award Young Engineer in 2015, an award for the Southern Region of the Engineers Board. This prize aims to distinguish and promote work carried out by members of the Engineers (born after 1980) in the various branches of Engineering and characterized by their innovative and practical applicability. Lia Duarte is a student of the Doctoral Programme in Geographic Engineering FCUP with the supervision of Ana Cláudia Teodoro, ICT member from UPorto pole.
Suborbital astronaut
Rui Moura, ICT researcher at the University of Porto pole, want to go up to the mesosphere, which is 83 kilometers altitude. Beyond that, the International Space Station travels into Earth orbit. "The mesosphere is the layer of the atmosphere that borders what is considered the outer space," explains the researcher.

Público, 16/May/2016 - PDF (in Portuguese)
6th Congress - Young Researchers on Geosciences
19-20 november 2016 - Comunications
21-22 november 2016 - Field trip

Estremoz, Portugal
All different, all equal! The whole life on Earth can be “written” with only 4 "letters’’.
In order to understand the huge diversity of Life on our planet the contribution of several fields of Knowledge is required.
Biologists, physicists, geologists, mathematicians and chemists join efforts to make us live the Evolution of Life through interactive experiences.
4 Science Centres (our partner from Estremoz is one of these), 3 Universities and 3 Higher Research Institutions get together to explain WHY WE AS WE ARE ... ???
The "Puppets of Maltezas; puppets of Science" got the 3rd place in the "VI Ibero-American Prize for Education and Museums"
This project of science outreach was presented by the Centro de Ciência Viva de Estremoz, the ICT partner to promote education and the public understanding of science.

PDF (in portuguese)

7ª Conferência Polar Portuguesa
28-29 october 2015

University of Évora

5th Congress - Young Researchers on Geosciences
20-22 november 2015 - Comunications
23-24 november 2015 - Short course on microdeformation

Estremoz, Portugal

EMS Young Scientist Award 2015 for Miguel Potes
The EMS Young Scientist Award 2015 is awarded to Miguel Potes from the University of Evora, Portugal, for his publication: "Satellite remote sensing of water turbidity in Alqueva reservoir and implications on lake modelling", M. Potes, M. J. Costa and R. Salgado; Hydrol. Earth Syst. Sci., 16, 1623-1633, 2012.

News in the Público journal (in portuguese)

IDPASC Workshop on "Space Particles and Earth"
30-31 october 2015 [information and registration]
Dust from the Sahara desert cools the Iberian Peninsula

Spanish and Portuguese researchers have analysed the composition and radiative effect of desert aerosols during two episodes which simultaneously affected Badajoz (Spain) and …vora (Portugal) in August 2012. Results show that the intrusion of dust from the Sahara Desert caused radiative cooling of Earth's surface.

News in spanish

Parameterization of Lakes in Numerical Weather Prediction and Climate Modelling
07-09 May 2015, Évora, Portugal